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Window Cleaning

Blue Property Services are expert window cleaners using the most modern techniques, products and equipment. From the ground floor up, we clean hard to reach windows on buildings of all shapes and sizes and can use scissor lifts up to 12 metres high.

Our highly trained window cleaning technicians undergo comprehensive WH&S training to ensure the safety of people and property at all times. Our availability is flexible enough to fit any cleaning schedule during or after hours.

Blue Property Services window cleaning is available on a one-off or routine basis and we offer obligation free quotes with competitive pricing on all jobs.

Car Park Cleaning

Although your carpark is often the first port of call for many visitors to your building, the importance of this site is often overlooked by many businesses. Grease and oil stains don’t only leave a black mark on your carpark but also tarnish your business presentation.

Maintaining a clean carpark is essential to putting your best foot forward. From picking up litter and removing leaves to high pressure washing and sweeping paths, these important steps help make a great first impression. With our car park cleaning service, we guarantee your parking lot will be neat and tidy for prospective customers.

Blue Property Services are available around the clock to clean your parking areas outside of normal operating hours so there is minimal disruption. We offer no-obligation quotes on all cleaning services and are happy to meet you on-site at a convenient time.

Gardening and Landscaping

The external presentation of your premises is of paramount importance in portraying a professional image. Your grounds and garden can be the make or break factor in winning more business or losing potential customers to a competitor. Overgrown shrubs and poorly maintained gardens or dying grass and knee-high weeds do not instil confidence.

Blue Property Services helps improve your external environs by offering assistance with tasks such as lawn maintenance and weed control as well as regular watering and fertilising. We also offer landscaping services for businesses wanting a garden makeover.

High Pressure Cleaning

Blue Property Services offers high pressure cleaning to commercial clients on a once-off or regular basis. With dirty buildings not creating a good first impression and visitors judging a company by its level of cleanliness and presentation, frequent high pressure cleaning is highly recommended. Besides portraying an unprofessional image, stained car park concrete, dirty walls or mouldy footpaths also represent potential WH&S hazards.

To put your best foot forward, Blue Property Services encourages regular cleaning of your buildings and surrounds to protect your investment and the health and wellbeing of guests and employees. Contact us for an obligation-free quote on your high pressure cleaning requirements and we will arrange to visit your site at a time that is convenient for you.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are a major investment in most buildings and their useful lifespan can be significantly extended with the correct care. If not properly cleaned, carpets with a high level of foot traffic can be havens for dirt and disease. In the office, properly cleaned carpets can reduce sick days by preventing the spread of germs whilst portraying a professional image and positive company culture.

Properties also benefit from regular carpet cleaning as complex presentation is enhanced. Some of our most vulnerable children attend schools and it is essential their health is protected by regularly cleaning the carpets they sit and play on.

Blue Property Services offers professional and reliable carpet cleaning services for offices, apartment complexes and schools at competitive prices. We are available to care for your carpets outside operational hours and can come to you for a free assessment of your cleaning needs.

Getting started with us

Each cleaning project is very different and will most likely require a site inspection to be quoted accurately. We will provide you with a prompt site visit or at least a phone call for smaller jobs and discuss the needs and expectations you and your clients have.

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